Sucia Island WFA Course

A Wilderness First Aid Certification Course for Trail Runners

If you’re a runner and you’ve been wanting to learn the fundamentals of wilderness medicine or renew a WFR certification, there’s no better way to do it than this scenario heavy, island destination, WFA training.


  • Friday through Sunday, May 29-31, 2020


As runners are traveling deeper and more frequently into wild spaces there is a growing need for us to understand the fundamentals of backcountry medicine and how to treat injuries common to our sport. We’re teaming up with Backcountry Medical Guides to provide a 3-day, retreat style, Wilderness First Aid (WFA) certification course on Sucia Island. Through a blend of lecture and scenario training we’ll prepare runners with a foundation in backcountry medicine on one of the northwest’s most pristine islands

Certification Details

The Wilderness First Aid (WFA) course is for outdoor professionals and enthusiasts ages 14+. This class consists of 18 hours of instruction and is both active and practical. Approximately 70% of the course will focus on fundamental wilderness medicine and prevention. The remaining 30% of the instruction will be dedicated to injuries and incidents common to trail runners and endurance athletes. As a whole the course will teach practical skills and principles for decision making when responding to outdoor emergencies.

Course Overview

Friday, Day 1: Boat Taxi to Sucia and Instruction

We’ll meet at 2:00pm for a 2:30 sail at Outer Island Excursions pier on Orcas Island. It’s a short sail from Orcas to the moorings at Fossil Bay and a short walk from to the group camp which will be the epicenter for the weekend.  Instruction will begin that afternoon. Aspire will serve dinner, libations, and stoke the bonfire.

Saturday, Day 2: Instruction and Trail Runs

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served by Aspire. The day will be dedicated to instruction, but time will be available to run/explore the islands trails and beaches.

Sunday, Day 3: Instruction, Boat Taxi Home

This is the final day of instruction. Aspire will serve breakfast and lunch. Our return sail to Orcas will depart at 3:00pm for a 3:30pm arrival on Orcas Island.  


For topographical route information and a view of the islands trails, visit our Caltopo Map of Sucia Island. 

Trip Accommodations

Our Sucia basecamp will be staged out of the Fossil Bay group campground and group shelter. Aspire will provide a lively camp amenities for a remote but comfortable “glamp” style experience.


This trip convenes on Orcas Island. Aspire will operate a shuttle from the ferry landing on Orcas to our meeting location at Outer Island Excursion’s boat launch for those who want to walk onto the Orcas ferry from Anacortes.  Aspire has chartered a water taxi that will transport runners and equipment between Orcas and Sucia Island.

Course Info Packet

For details about the trails, itinerary information, packing and gear lists, menu and dietary information, safety protocols, and trip policies, we’ve prepared a Sucia Island Course Info Packet. This packet is designed for our running itinerary, but reflects much of the same information needed for the WFA course. Share your email with us and we’ll send send you a link to the info.


Early Bird Registration: $575. Ends March 31st, 2020

Late Registration: $675. Closes May 24th, 2020

*Payment plans are available for every trip. Email us to set one up


Trip Insurance

Every year we have at least one runner who, due to injury, illness, or personal/familial circumstances, cannot participate in his or her registered trip. While registrations can be transferred, Aspire does not issue refunds. See our FAQ’s. We strongly encourage each runner to purchase 3rd party trip insurance that will reimburse the cost of registration in the event that he or she is unable to participate in the event.