Chuckanut Chinscraper 24hr Challenge

Join us for as few or as many repeats as time/legs allow!

Last year on the first weekend of the new year we ran repeats on Pine and Cedar, this year we’re headed to the Larrabee side of the Chuckanuts for more community centered suffering and celebration.

6:00pm Friday January 3rd to 6:00pm Saturday January 4th


$24 for 24 hours of access to snacks n stoke!


Runners will have 24 hours to complete as many repeats as they can/want. It is NOT required to do the repeats consecutively during the 24 hour period. Everyone is welcome to come and go as they please and to run as much or as little as they’d like. We expect runners of all ages and abilities to come and go at all hours of the day and night. We’ll have our basecamp tent set up in the Lost Lake parking lot with heaters, a bonfire, hot food, snacks, beverages, and friendly faces for the duration.


5:30pm Friday: Arrive Lost Lake Parking Lot    

Use this map link to navigate to Larabee State Park, Lost Lake Parking Lot

5:45pm: Event Overview

Runners will be issued a playing card that they must carry for the duration of the event. The course will be marked from the Lost Lake parking lot to the summit of Chuckanut Mountain where a hole punch will be waiting. Runners make a single punch, then descend the course to record their repeat at basecamp. All repeats must be completed by 6:00pm on Saturday to count. The runner with the most repeats gets all the bragging rights.

6:00pm: Start

Runners can come/go/stay/sleep as the please for the duration of the event. Aspire will host a perpetual basecamp with food, beverages, a bonfire, and friendly faces for the duration.

6:00pm Saturday: Finish

The female/male runners with the most repeats will earn bragging rights for their accomplishment.


Winter in the Pacific Northwest is typically cold and wet. Plan accordingly.