Aspire Adventure Running exists as a community of friends who share a  passion for running and playing in the world’s most wild and beautiful places. Our staff are knowledgeable and experienced guides who are constantly searching out new adventures. We are inspired and humbled to be a part of a larger community of runners whose passion and training push the envelope of the possible. We are also individuals who have been profoundly influenced by the power and beauty of the wilderness.

Abram DickersonAbe w Truck Focused

Abram has been planning and executing wilderness adventures for over two decades. Running, climbing, and skiing are expressions of his desire to live a life defined by passion and challenge. He has over 10 years of guiding experience, a love of good food, and a deep respect for the mountains. As a husband, a father, educator, and urban homesteader he lives his life with intention and simplicity.  He loves trails and the friendships that result from the suffering and satisfaction of running on them.


Nicholas Triolo

Nick joined the Aspire team in 2016 and has become a Senior Guide for our three-day Wonderland Trip. As a competitive ultrarunner, writer, filmmaker, photographer, Nick has significant experience in every ultra distance—50k, 50 miles, 100k and 100 miles—including the Western States 100 Endurance Run. Nick holds a M.S. in Environmental Studies and has experience directing trail-running workshops and training athletes, including going on tour with musical bands The Postal Service and Death Cab for Cutie as Trail Running Coordinator. His writing has been featured in Orion Magazine, Trail Runner Magazine,, and others, while his films “The Crossing,” (2014) and “Shaped by Fire” (2017) explore intersections of endurance and ecological stewardshipKelsey Wilmore

Kelsey Wilmore

Kelsey “Wiley Buck” has become something of a trail side legend here in the Pacific Northwest not unlike Bigfoot or the Jackalope. Sporadic reports of a wild haired ultra running woman blaring the string cheese incident over her headphones from atop Mt. Baker to the jagged peaks of central Washington has been captured and has found her way to the Aspire Crew. By day Kelsey is a freelance graphic designer, dog runner, Trailblazer coach and dedicated mother with a penchant for empowering other women through monthly organized women’s only long group runs. When not traveling the pacific northwest competing in all distances of ultra running (except 200 milers those people are nuts), She’s working to encourage women (and men that can keep up) to build fierce confidence and empower themselves physically and mentally.

Bacchus Taylor

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Bacchus is a third helping of rad sauce, and he is modest too. In the last eight months he has been to a dozen countries on three continents. He walked across a few of them, expanded the known range of recently discovered wildlife, explored underwater cave systems, and ate hundreds of pounds of questionable food without getting sick. Now he is gearing up for a hundred straight days of marathons along the PCT. He has a few degrees and plenty of certifications to make him the kind of guy you’d like to have supporting your run, but realistically it is his homemade canned goods and ability to spot edible mushrooms while running that make him an invaluable member of the Aspire team

Alex Giebelhaus

Alex joined the Aspire team a year ago and we just can’t get rid of him.  As an avid trail runner he is constantly pushing himself on the trails and looking for the next adventure. He enjoys training for his next big race as much as preparing for his next big meal. As an educator he invites students to engage in the outdoors and live a life based on sustainability and purpose. There’s nothing he enjoys more than drinking a local microbrew and swapping stories after a long run in the mountains.