In the fall of 2014 a coalition of friends set their sights on running the Copper Ridge Loop in the North Cascades National Park. This 34 mile section of trail is wild and scenic. It gains over 10,000′ in elevation, crosses mountain passes, follows rushing rivers, and traverses ridgelines with breathtaking views of glaciated peaks and wilderness in every direction. This unofficial “50K” galvanized a core of friends who wanted more “running without racing” and inspired a quest to run in the world’s most scenic destinations.


Aspire Adventure Running offers an expanding catalog of diverse course locations. Each is uniquely and spectacularly beautiful. Our service specialty lies in accessing remote and challenging point-to-point courses that present significant logistical challenges to complete. A group size per course consists of 7-10 runners and 2-3 staff. We operate in wilderness areas and are permitted with the respective governing land management agency. Our love of running is inseparable from the adventure and the beauty of being in wild places. The experience of being greeted by snow-capped peaks, ripe huckleberries, and blazing wildflowers atop a long grueling set of switchbacks transforms suffering into something sublime.


Each season Aspire carefully selects a variety of courses of varying lengths and difficulty for the catalogue. We invite runners to  select courses based on a careful and honest assessment their level of fitness, motivation, and aspirations. On run days runners are provided with a course overview, trail map, and a trail guide. Our courses are remote and evacuations for any reason can be long difficulty and risky.  In the event of an emergency, Aspire will activate established and rehearsed rescue response protocols.


At the end of the trail and after the many long miles of dirt, mud, rock, and grit, our job is in full swing. After each run expect a cooler stocked with your recovery beverages of choice, a waiting chair, a warm fire, gourmet hors d’oeuvres, your race bag of warmest coziest clothes, and general bliss. Our celebratory post-run meals honor and appeal to all dietary preference, each is locally sourced, seasonally influenced, carefully prepared, and elegantly presented. On the menu one might find poached salmon with spring onions and white wine, sauteed brussels sprouts with shallots and cranberries, dutch oven berry cobbler and hand-churned ice cream. When all the feasting is done, and the sun is dropping into slumber, Aspire will take the wheel and transport you safely back to your car, the events point of origin, where many miles and hours earlier that day’s adventure began.